Big White Canoe

This is the canoe that carries me on my Peace River adventures. I have kept this on the river bank, year round, for three years now. Before that I kept it at Charlie Lake but the river is so much more interesting and wild. Grizzly bear and mountain lion tracks on the shores in summer. In the snows of winter I see wolf, coyote and more mountain lion tracks. In this photo I am geared up for a multi-day camping, hiking and canoe expedition.

This canoe is a flat stern, 17 foot freighter canoe. Jensen design, fiberglass. It is great on the river, handles well solo and packs a lot of gear as you can see. It is set up to have a small outboard motor but I like the workout I get paddling and lining the canoe back up river. This is an important tool for me to cross the river and travel up and downstream to check my trail cameras.

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